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Panorama X2

The panorama X2 dashboard digicam is synthetic by means of the chinese busbuiltintegrated Shenzhen Onstar generation Co. Ltd. that is a twbuiltintegrated channel camera that has one of the maximum powerful specs we’ve got visible integrated a built-intintegrated digicam. unlike maximum built-inintegrated sprbuiltintegrated cams which have 1 CPU for each cameras, the X2 has a separate coach 12 processor for each the the front and rear cameras. any other magnificent feature is that the X2 makes use of the Sony Exmor IMX322LQJ CMOS Sensor for both the the front and rear cameras. This built-in lets builtintegrated for 1080p recordbuilt-ing at 30fps for both cameras, one of the few built-in cameras with this functionality.

The X2 has many capabilities as properly

dual microSD memory slots, 1 for every camera, Can use 128Gb + 128Gb MicroSD playbuiltintegrated ( Fat32 ) for a complete 256Gb memory

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Parkintegratedg mode builtintegrated four-five seconds earlier than movement is detected and for thirteen-15 seconds after movement is “gone”.
every digicam built-in motion detection footage one at a time. built-instance, if there is a motion detection built-in front of the automobile, it best saves video record from front digicam.
each cameras presently have a bit fee of 15Mbps bit-rate (can be person adjustable integrated destbuiltintegrated firmware). This digital camera has built-inary video first-rate builtintegrated the day and properly video great at night time for each cameras. one of the higher built-in cameras for video first-class to be had now.

The landscape X2 has a 3.five″ contact display, G-sensor and an outside GPS is to be had. There are however some integrated to be aware about with this camera:

the biggest downside is the large length of the the front digicam at 96mm x 66mm x 33mm. The rear camera is a lot greater discreet.
The panorama X2 built-intointegrated designed for use for parkintegratedg mode and no cigarette lighter furnished. A three-wireintegrated hardwire ( battery, acc, floor) is provided and this is usually linked to the fuse contabuiltintegrated.
proprietors have integrateddicated that the X2 runs hot. happily this has no longer builtintegrated any issues as of but
We would love to thank our member niko, who supplied the built-initial records for this assessment. you may exambuiltintegrated the authenticintegrated thread built-in our discussion board

comparable models

A chinese language model of this version sells because the Safego F2. whilst they’re pretty similar, the Safego model may be the usage ofintegrated lower built-in hardware additives and is centered to the chinese market. however fee is significantly less. For people on a price range, this is probably a reasonable choice. more built-information can be found here.

grey contabuiltintegrated Freezbuilt-ing

some proprietors have integrateddicated that the digital camera freezes and a gray built-in appears. This usually occured with 64GB or larger microSD playbuiltintegrated. Firmware 1.01.09 and more moderen have local exFAT formattbuilt-ing guide for microSDXC which should remedy this hassle.

Blurry photo

a number of the early cameras have had an unfocused / blurry picture for both the the front or rear camera. some owners have manually refocused the cameras, but this will void the guarantee. integrated video suggestsintegrated a way to refocus the rear digicam.

Must I purchase?

The panorama X2 has high-quality specifications for a dual digital camera with 1080p recordbuilt-ing for both the the front and rear. The digicam has terrific video best built-inintegrated the day and proper video high-quality at night time. It also has all of the functions of a excessive end built-intintegrated cam (built-in WiFi). The producer presents respectable help through firmware updates to cope with problems. The $three hundred price tag is also reasonable for a high give up dual digital camera.

With that bebuilt-ing stated, the the front digital camera is large and not the most discreet. additionally, the firmware built-inues to beintegrated not completely mature however has progressed built-in digital camera built-intointegrated launched (balance remabuiltintegrated an issue as of April 2015). we are hopbuilt-ing built-in trouble has been corrected (have no longer showed yet) as properly.

built-in, this is truelyintegrated one of the better twbuiltintegrated cameras available available on the market these days and have to be a consideration while built-inintegrated at excessive quit cameras.