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How a headphone stops noise

Bose QuietComfort 20 – unquestionably, the best to date headphones-plugs with the technology of active noise cancelling.

Not everyone loves Bose products, but it’s worth acknowledging that in the area of ​​sound suppression they have achieved impressive results and today are leading in this direction in the audio equipment market.

Noise suppression

If you want to magically get rid of background noise and plunge into the world of music, but still hear high-pitched sounds – nothing better than Bose QuietComfort 20 you will not find.

It seems that noise reduction in headphones plugs works even better for high-frequency noise in comparison with competing headphones (with this technology). They are so good that they will save you from the buzz of air turbines, and from the part of the noise of traffic, and muffle shrill human voices and loud chirping of birds.

They can not completely rid you of these sounds, but they do it better than all the other models presented in this list.

In addition, the QC 20 has a special mode called “Warning”, which reduces the degree of noise reduction for those cases when you need to hear other people around you.

The battery, which is needed for noise reduction, unfortunately unremovable, but it lasts for 16 hours, after which it can be charged with USB. The lithium-ion battery can withstand up to 500 charge cycles, after which its capacity begins to decrease. Thus, if you use the noise reduction mode for about 10 hours on average, then the problem-free operation of the battery will last you for a year and a half.

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Reliability of construction

The quality of the construction is good, despite the plastic “plugs”. Silicone ear cushions are pleasant to the touch and sit tightly. Cables are protected by a sufficient layer of rubber and hardly they are a weak link in this design.


Due to its lightweight design and quality silicone ear pads, Bose QuietComfort 20 is extremely convenient.

Best noise cancelling headphones you will be given three different sizes of ear cups, which will make it possible to place “gags” in the ears of almost any person with comfort. And although the ear cushions are comfortable, they look a little short, which reduces their ability to passively reduce noise and stability of planting. Nevertheless, if you only pick the best level of fit and noise insulation you will hardly be disappointed.


The microphone is located on the cable and works as expected, which makes it possible to answer calls without interruption of the noise canceling mode.

No less ergonomic is the control of the compositions and mode of operation of noise reduction. Note that the “Attention” mode will be guaranteed to work only with the required type of OS – iOS or Android.


As for headphones with active noise reduction – the sound is good, but it can not be compared with the usual audiophile models.

It seems that the sound gets better when the noise cancellation is activated, rather than when it is off. In the latter case, the middle frequencies are less pronounced, so it makes sense to activate active noise cancellation as often as possible.

In general, the sound can be described as a typical Bose – with an accented bass and slightly shaded high frequencies. However, the sound was more balanced than in previous models, where the midpoint was even worse.

In the end, if you appreciate noise suppression above sound quality (typical for constantly traveling people), Bose QuietComfort 20 will be your liking. After all, if you are looking for the best sample of noise reduction technology embedded in a small and comfortable pair of headphones

Bose QuietComfort 20 is waiting for you.


  • the best noise reduction in its class;
  • sufficient comfort with a stable fit;
  • strong assembly;
  • ideal “gags” for travelers;
  • The sound quality is not inferior to the best examples of headphones with active noise reduction.


  • cost;
  • The sound quality deteriorates when the noise reduction is turned off.

Bose Qc 20 is considered as the best noise cancelling headphones till date.