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Fallout 4: Show No Mercy – Take Back Fort Strong

Go to the Prydwen flight deck and answer to Elder Maxson Jacket for your first mission task. He reveals to you that Fort Strong has been invade with Super Mutants who are withholding a weapons store of Fat Man shells, and he’s entrusted you with clearing the territory of hostiles.

Board the Vertibird Gunship

There is a Vertibird arranged for takeoff adjacent on the flight deck. Board the Vertibird, and mount the minigun turret. The minigun is ideal for propelling an ethereal ambush on the clueless mutants of Fort Strong.

As the Vertibird drifts over Fort Strong, a gigantic Super Mutant Behemoth sees your essence and starts tossing rocks at the gunship. He’s entirely simple to spot in the midst of the flotsam and jetsam. Utilize the minigun turret to cut down the Behemoth, and additionally the other Super Mutants that accumulate close-by.

Secure Fort Strong

Once the Super Mutant Behemoth is vanquished, the Vertibird will hover around and let you down into the region. As the gunship sits tight for you to leave, a few Super Mutants, including a Legendary adversary, will race to your position. Despite the fact that you can land immediately, we recommend that you remain on the Vertibird and keep gunning down adversaries with the minigun turret, as it makes fast work of the approaching mutants without utilizing valuable ammunition.

Secure Fort Strong Armory

Complete the process of getting out the Super Mutants in the external zone of Fort Strong, at that point continue towards the arsenal. Enter the building, and plan to fight various Super Mutants as you advance through the corridors. Get out the main floor, and find a lift close to the back of the inside passageway. Ride the lift to the second floor. Wipe out the Mutant Hound, and in addition a few all the more Super Mutants found on this level. After each floor is clear of hostiles, talk with Paladin Danse.

Address Paladin Danse

Find Paladin Danse and talk with him after you’ve gotten out Fort Strong’s ordnance. In the event that your Charisma rank is sufficiently high, ask about Danse’s contempt for Super Mutants to gain some extra XP. A while later, Danse expels you to report back to buy Elder Maxson jacket from snapiodeals.com at the Prydwen.