Monday, April 23, 2018
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All about bringing livelihood

We have to know that he has knowledge in not distributing cash to people alike, in order to maintain the disparity between these, and to give the wealthy an chance to give the poor zakaah and charity, to earn the salary and good deeds, and also to test patience If people have had the exact same amount of money, life will be boring without money or work, and money would eventually become insignificant, and life would be without any incentive to get it.

However, as soon as we attempt to recall life and its issues come ideas that we don’t have the money to fill our needs, then we have to be patient and calculated our God. Regrettably, we see many people turning towards witchcraft and sorcery to gain access to rapid livelihood and profit. That is forbidden in our religion. Even if a outcome arises, and the dealer finds magic at the growth of and deliver the livelihood(جلب الرزق), he must be sure that Allah will take that haraam cash and won’t last.

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He’s something of him but will probably be dislodged blessing, and discover that he comes and go quickly, and nothing stays with him to benefit from it. You are able to get money in this way, then lose it on the other hand, for example you get cash from the illegal company, and you see your vehicle always fail, and go to fix it, and cover a lot of money, and this also means that money is not a blessing. Verses and supplications for livelihood A Muslim should know his livelihood is written by Allaah, and there is no trick for him.

He is the one who simplifies the livelihood for whomever he pleases and enjoys. Instead, the Muslim must take the motives that God Almighty has enjoined upon him. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: ” If you entrust to Allaah a right that you entrust for your sustenance, as the bird will feed, It Is Going to become an excellent individual and will be a belly. ” Narrated by Ahmad and al-Tirmidhi and Ibn Majah